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Our Mission

Find A Black Doctor is an internet directory of U.S. based black physicians and dentists in active clinical practice.  Our mission is to be a partner which provides access, education and resources to improve health outcomes particularly in the African American community.

Studies show that although most people don’t care if their physician is of the same race, for a variety of reasons, including cultural competence, a large minority of people prefer a doctor of the same race as them.  Having access to black doctors has been shown to improve health outcomes— particularly for black men.  Although African Americans make up approximately 13% of the U.S. population, they are only 4% of practicing physicians.  This underrepresentation adds a challenge to potential patients seeking a physician of this kind.  Just like women have been shown to prefer access to female physicians, some African American patients prefer to have a black doctor.  

Our History

Originally started in 2005 by a New York City dermatologist who was an early adopter of using the internet to market her own practice.  Having set up a simple practice website that included her picture, that wasn’t specifically racially targeted,  she started to get e-mail messages from people all over the country, and abroad, who were interested in her help to “find a black doctor” in dermatology, as well as other specialties, near them.  Inspired by the doctor directories she saw on health insurance websites the idea for Find A Black Doctor was born.               

Find A Black Doctor launched to much acclaim in 2005, however, as the doctor’s own practice rapidly expanded, she decided to take down the website in 2008.  Given the continued frustration even her own patients expressed in being able to identify black doctors when that was their preference, and her increased understanding of the healthcare marketplace having built her own practice, the doctor decided to relaunch the African American physicians directory, Find A Black Doctor, in 2019.

The Find A Black Doctor difference…QUALITY

The ease of access to information provided by the internet ironically can make it more difficult to find good information.  Find A Black Doctor provides high quality listings created by the doctors themselves.  Many other online directories are populated with information from purchased lists.  These lists might be large, and create a lot of internet traffic, but the information in the profiles is sometimes incorrect or stale.  Potential patients become frustrated having to sort through a high number of unhelpful profiles of doctors who never intended to be listed in the first place.  Doctors must opt in to be listed on Find A Black Doctor and have an investment in keeping their information up-to-date.

We also have the goal of supporting the public in being savvy healthcare consumers. In addition to the listings on Find A Black Doctor, our articles, blog posts and other content will also be curated to educate our visitors with the expertise of our knowledgeable doctors and dentists. Not least of all our Docpedia is a helpful glossary of terms to help our visitors better understand the world of healthcare. 

How to use Find A Black Doctor

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